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"Practicing Freedom: The Yoga Sutra of Pata˝jali"
by Witold Fitz-Simon

Published: May 15, 2006

ISBN: 0-9771733-1-3


5" x 8"

180 pages



For almost 2000 years, the Yoga Sutra of Pata˝jali has been the definitive guide to the practice of yoga. Deep in his exposition of yogic philosophy, Pata˝jali is also clear and forthright in his outline of what it will take to free ourselves completely from the ongoing suffering and loss that we experience on a daily basis. As valid today as it was when first written, this ancient classic outlines nothing less than a complete approach to life itself.

This new edition provides a readily accessible English rendition presented side-by-side with the Sanskrit original. Lucid commentary and a study guide clearly outlining the key terms and concepts for easy reference make this an ideal volume for both the student and the general reader. Articulate and insightful, this work is a valuable resource for anyone interested in acheiving a deeper experience of tranformative states of mind through meditation and contemplation.

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The Royal Path
Book 1: On Enstasy
Book 2: On Practice
Book 3: On Powers
Book 3: On Freedom